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Put your working capital to work.

At C1 Bank, our Treasury Management Services team offers a dynamic suite of working capital management solutions for commercial and small business customers looking to get the most out of their capital. This robust suite of services is designed to optimize your company's overall financial performance by giving you greater control over your company's business costs, helping to improve cash flow and simplify your accounting.


turns check deposits into cash in just a click.

Our desktop check scanner electronically deposits your business' receivables into your account by close of business day.



is a payment mechanism that replaces paper payments with electronic transactions.

ACH saves time and increases efficiency, by reducing administrative and operating expenses, eliminating stop payment charges and check reissue costs, and improving cash flow forecasting as it provides certainty of delivery or receipt of payment. Common types of ACH payments include: direct deposit of payroll, corporate trade payments, pre-authorized payments and cash concentration.


allows your company to link a master checking account to one or more sub accounts for funding and/or concentration.

A typical Zero Balance Account relationship links a payroll account to an operating account. As checks clear the payroll account, funds are automatically moved from the operating account to cover the total amount of payroll checks clearing that day. ZBA provides greater cash control as all funds are maintained at the master account level enabling your company to make more productive use of excess balances; reduces the time and resources needed to manage, forecast and monitor multiple accounts and the need to manually transfer funds; eliminates the potential for overdrafts and the associated fees.


provides your company 24/7 online access to your account information.
Features of our Online Banking service include:


is the payment method recommended when finality of payment is crucial as it enables you to immediately confirm payment and conduct business accordingly.

Domestic wires are delivered on a same-day basis and international wires are typically delivered to the beneficiary within one to two business days. Wires can be sent in USD or foreign currency.


is an effective check fraud prevention service for business customers.

With this service, you or one of your associates can provide an electronic file containing check issue information (check number, issue date and dollar amount). As items are presented for payment against your account, C1 Bank compares the check information to your check issue file to identify items that do not match. Benefits include protection against late return of an item and the reduction of account fraud.


links your company's revolving line of credit to your business checking account.

If the checking account's end of day balance falls below a predetermined target, funds are automatically drawn from the line of credit to cover the shortfall. Likewise, if the checking account's end of day balance is above the predetermined target, excess funds are automatically moved to pay down the line of credit.


gives your company the ability to accept credit and debit card payments.

Services include:

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